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Field Day at Woragus Stud.

By September 6, 2022Shows

Woragus hosted a Field Day for the Society and its guests. They also kindly arranged and paid for P.J. Budler to come and give a presentation at the Event. 

P.J. is a world-renowned cattle judge, inspector, breeder, rancher, and businessman. He gave us an excellent talk on what he considers we as producers should be aiming for in our stud and commercial herds.

He spoke about:

  1. A balanced approach to cattle production.
  2. A global livestock perspective – challenges and opportunities.
  3. Evaluating livestock for functional efficiency.

What came out very strongly was the necessity to breed ADAPTIVE cattle – adaptive breeds and types – to suit conditions prevailing on one’s own ranch/farm, if we are to remain in business.  

This was followed up with a look at a number of Woragus’ Boran Stud animals with P.J. giving comments on the merits of each and responding to questions. Some wonderful animals were on display for which the breeder must be congratulated.

Our thanks go to Woragus for hosting and to PJ for giving up time in his busy schedule to come to give us a very interesting and thought-provoking talk.

The talk was recorded and can be seen on You Tube below

This should be watched in tandem with his Power Point presentation. View or Download presentation

Photos from the event