Weights & Measures


  • Short, broad between the eyes
  • Prominent eyebrows, drooping eyelids, good eye banks
  • Muzzle broad, light colour is undesirable
  • Ears, small to medium, not drooping
  • Eyes, pink pigmentation around eyes undesirable


  • Neck, short and deep. Strong and muscular in bulls, evenly attached to head and shoulders
  • Dewlap, strong, heavy, running into a full brisket
  • Shoulders, deep, strong and well covered
  • Hump rounded and set in line with forelegs, blending into withers.


  • Long, broad, straight and strong
  • Well covered and well muscled loins

Middle Piece

  • Good deep chest
  • Well filled out behind shoulders and elbow, well sprung, deep full ribs with good heart room – but without tendency to either flatness or roundedness.
  • Flank well let down.
  • Sheath not pendulous and showing good control of sphincter muscle
  • Testicles even and well developed
  • Udder well formed and not too small


  • Hips wide and well covered. Not too prominent.
  • Rump – long and broad with tail set only slightly lower than back line
  • Pin bones wide apart and well covered
  • Tail head – broad, set slightly higher than pin bones and tapering to the hocks
  • Thigh – broad and full, running well down to the twist or second thigh
  • Twist – full and thick, the greatest width should be at the stiffle

Legs and Feet

  • Hock – strong and set fairly well apart
  • Not straight, sickle or cow hocked
  • Legs medium length with good strong but not coarse bone.
  • Feet sound set straight even and with free action
  • Light coloured hooves undesirable.

Hide Hair and Colour

  • Hide loose and pliable, but without excessive folding, prefreably with dark pigmentation.
  • Hair short and fine
  • Colour unbroken preferred, not brindle, black is undesirable.
  • The whole animal to have an apperarnce of quality.

Size and Weight

  • Well developed according to age
  • Weight for age combined with good fleshing, with consideration to the local conditions under which the animal has been reared
  • The large sex dimorphism for example small female and large steer or bull, is a particular characteristic of the breed


  • Quiet and even