Brookside Livestock Breeders Show  8th - 11th June 2011






Judges Report



On June the 7th I had the privilege to visit Kenya for the second time to judge the Boran cattle and also the other beef breeds. As I judged the Boran’s before in Kenya I was looking forward to do it again.

There was a big entry this year and therefore the competition between breeders was very good.

The quality of the Boran’s improved a lot since the last time I judged there. The Boran in Kenya stays small framed animals carrying lots of meat. I was impressed with the good eye muscle and hindquarters of the animals. The walking ability of them was excellent. The sheaths of the bulls and the general underlines of the cattle improved since my last visit.

The two champions of the show were outstanding animals. The female showing the wedge shape, with a good udder and very good on her legs and feet, a very feminine looking animal.

The red bull was also outstanding with a good top line, hindquarter, hair quality and testis, carrying him very well.

When we were selecting the champions it was good to see that we have one type of animal in the ring, the breeders what we were looking for. If you go on breeding animals like that, you are on the right track and the Boran’s will be in bigger demand in years to come.

If I may give you a bit of advice it is to spend a bit of time teaching your handlers how to handle their animals. Sometimes if there’s not much to choose between two animals, the way the handlers show their animals can make the difference between winning and losing a class.

Thank you once again for inviting me to judge your cattle. It was an honor for me. Thanks also for your hospitality.

Kind regards,

Martin Seyfferdt




Show and Show results



Females under 2 years.

    1st: 8043 from Marula Estate.

    2nd: 6884 from Lolldaiga.

    3rd: 306 from Woragus.

Females 2 to 2.5 years.

    1st:956 from Solio Ranch.

    2nd: 255 from Woragus.

    3rd: 5510 from Kakuzi Ltd.

Females 2.5 to 3 years.

    1st: 1676 from Ol Pejeta.

    2nd: 1669 from Ol Pejeta.

    3rd: 5510 from Ol Pejeta.

Group of three females-The lady Anne Delamere Cup.

    1st: Ol Pejeta.

    2nd: Lolldaiga.

    3rd: Woragus.

Champion Female The Coopers Trophy.

    1st: 956 from Solio Ranch.

    2nd: 1676 from Ol Pejeta.

Bulls under 2 years. The Alistair Reith Hennessey Memorial Mug.

    1st: 02 from Solio Ranch.

    2nd: 982 from Solio Ranch.

    3rd: 9155 from Sosian Ranch.

Bulls 2 to 2.5 years

    1st: 1529 from Ol Pejeta.

    2nd: 980 from Sosian Ranch.

    3rd:900 from Stanley & Son.

Bulls 2.5 to 3 years.

    1st: 840 from Stanley & Son.

    2nd: 9528 from Marula Estate.

    3rd: 9544 from Marula Estate.

Best Bull under 3 years. The Harold White Memorial Trophy.

    1st: 1529 from Ol Pejeta.

Bulls 3 to 4 years.

    1st: 202 from Woragus.

    2nd: 167 from Woragus.

    3rd: 1431 from Ol Pejeta.

Bulls 4 to 5 years.

    1st: 147 from Woragus.

    2nd: 729 from Solio Ranch.

    3rd: 1422 from Ol Pejeta.

Champion Bull The Almatix Trophy

    1st: 147 from Woragus.

    2nd: 840 from Stanley& Son.

Progeny Class The Agriner Cup.

    1st : 24 from Woragus.

    2nd: 1244 from Ol Pejeta.

    3rd: 632 from Ol Pejeta.

The Stockman’s Trophy Presented by P.W. Smith esq.

    1st:Stanley and Son.

The Champion Interbreed Beef Bull The Marania Cup.

    1st: 147 from Woragus Boran Stud.

    2nd: 840 from Stanley &Son.

The Breeder with the most points Donated by the Zambian Herd Book.

    1st: Woragus Boran Stud.

    2nd: Ol Pejeta Ranch.



Pen of 3 Steers with no more than 2 teeth.

    1st: Boran x Simtals from Marula Estate.

    2nd: Boran x Angus from Marania Ltd.

    3rd: Boran x Charolais from Solio Ranch.

Pen of 3 Steers with no more than 4 teeth.

    1st: Boran from Marania.

    2nd: Boran from Kakuzi.

    3rd: Boran from Kakuzi.

The Gilani Trophy for the champion pen.

    Boran x Simatals from Marula Estate.

The Brooks Trophy for the reserve champion pen.

    Boran x Angus from Marania Ltd.

The Solio Trophy for the champion steer.

    1st:Marula Estate.

    2nd: Solio Ranch.

The King’uku Memorial Trophy for the fattest steer.

    Solio Ranch.



Bulls 3-4 years linning up for Judging

Bulls been judged

ColinTomlinson (Solio Ranch) receiving the Alistair Reith- Hennessy Memorial Mug for the best bull under 2 years from Senior Judge Martin Seyfferdt

Giles Prettejohn receiving the Harold White Memorial Trophy for the best bull under three years


Giles Prettejohn receiving the Lady Anne Delamere Cup from senior  judge Martin Seyfferdt for the best group of three females


Right  to Left, show winners.

1. Champion bull and Interbreed Champion from Woragus.

2. Progeny  group winner from Woragus.

3. Reserve Champion from Stanley and Son.

4. Best bull under 3 years fromOl Pejeta.


Myatt-Taylor family (Woragus) receiving the Almatix trophy for the Champion bull, from senior judge Martin Seyfferdt


Paul and Maria Epson from Kakuzi Ltd recieving there prizes for fatstock from senior judge Martin Seyfferdt


Prize giving in the Boran tent


Reserve Champion bull from Stanley and Son

 It was one of the biggest show’s ever with a 146 entries.





Judge: Mr. Martin Seyfferdt of South Africa.

Assistant Judges: Mr. Barry Purdham of South Africa. Mr. Jackie Kenyon of Kenya.

Stewards: Dr. Paul. Egesa and Janet Ulyate.











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