Brookside Livestock Breeders Show - 12th - 14th June 2013




Boran Breeders new and old watching the judging


Champion Boran bull ,the Almatix Trophy, and the Champion Interbreed Beef Bull ,the Marania Cup, won by Suyian Ranch, owner Gilfrid Powys and the Judge


Class 7  The Alistair Reith-Henessy Memorial Mug, winner Lolomarik,owner Gordan Murray , with the Judge Neville Pinkney


Class 8 winners Marula,Leshorua on the right from Marula and Colin Tomlinson on the left from Solio 2nd place

Judging heifers


Robin Stanley receiving his 2nd plasce rosette from the Judge
for class 7

Show Chairman Jimmy Brooks, with Giles Prettejohn

The Judge, Neville Pinkney


The Judges, sharing a joke, Neville,Jackie and Paul


Winner of Class 12, the Jane Stanley Memorial Trophy Ol Pejeta Ranch, Giles Prettejohn receiving his rosette from the judge


Winner of Class 11 and the Charlie Stonewigg Memorial Tophy, Woragus Boran Stud, owners Mark and Tom Myatt-Taylor, with the Judge


Winners of Progeny Class the Agriner cup, Woragus Boran Stud

The Chairman-The Boran Cattle Breeders Society, Kenya

Judging the Boran and beef cattle at theBrookside livestock
breeders Show for 2013.

It was a privilege to be invited to judge the Boran and beef breeds at the livestock show 2013.

The judging started on the 26th June 2013 with a VERY strong and large class of Boran heifers.

I was extremely impressed with the femininity that was displayed within the Boran females and yet still showing the width and strength required to carry the beef for today’s markets. The heifers and cows placed in these classes were all of a very high standard and a credit to the Boran breed.

The cow that I chose as the grand champion Boran was a cow from Ol Pejeta who made an impression as she entered the judging ring; she was very feminine with great length from hip to pin and fantastic depth and width. Her balance was superb, she had plenty of bone and yet remained feminine. She was ably assisted by her very recently born calf. The young heifer placed as the reserve Boran female was a red heifer from Woragus. She too was a superbly balanced, feminine female with a great topline and very well developed loin, there is much to look forward to in her breeding career.

It was good to see the placings well spread between the different exhibitors.

The Bull classes again started with a very impressive class both in quality and numbers. All through the bull classes I noted great underlines on the bulls with very few not being placed for poor

underlines. The classes were again all very large and very well contested.

The young bull chosen as the grand champion Boran bull, and later as the supreme beef animal, was again an animal that caught my eye every time I saw him in the ring, he was exhibited by Suyian Ranch. He was an alert young bull who carried a lot of beef, he walked well and had excellent feet and legs, with a fantastic topline and loin. His length, depth, width and again balance were just what I would require in a Boran bull. A young bull that showed himself well. The reserve champion Boran bull was also a fantastic beef bull, he was exhibited by Ol Pejeta. A bull showing plenty of body length and still holding a good topline. A masculine bull that walked very well on strong feet and legs. Again a functional bull that carries a lot of beef.

I am told that this show had a larger number of entries in the Boran classes as compared to the previous couple of shows. The larger numbers certainly did not take away from the quality with every class being difficult to judge with a few contenders for each position.

In the other beef breeds, represented by Aberdeen Angus, Charolais and Santa Gertrudis, my Champion Female was an Angus female from Marania. The heifer was a credit to her breeder, a very feminine heifer carrying a lot of beef, very strong through the topline with the distinctive female ‘wedge’. The first 4 heifers were all very strong beef heifers.

In the bull classes the champion beef bull was a Santa Gertrudis bull exhibited by Woragus. A large bull that was very well put together. Exceptionally long from hip to pin and walked well for

such a large bull. Another strong beef bull and the eventual reserve beef bull on the show.

It was a pleasure to judge such great cattle and thank you to the BCBS for the invite to be the judge. Again thank you to all those who were involved in the organisation and to all the exhibitors.

Just as a side note: There were a few animals in the Boran classes that were ‘marked down’ because they did not walk freely, this was only because they were extremely overweight. I believe one of the important marketing points of the Boran is its ability to move so well over vast distances, and animals should not be fat, but well covered for showing purposes.

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